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To many, the mere fact of calling the entity by a name which closely translates to “Serb Republic” in the local vernacular recalls the memories of genocide at mention and is regarded by many as tantamount to rewarding genocide. Mr. Holbrook himself acknowledged this shortfall during the negotiations, regretting he did not make a stronger effort to drop the name and underestimating the danger of retaining the “blood-soaked name.”
Dr. hfz. Safvet Halilović, professor of Tafsir and Qur'an Anthropology in Bosnia and member of the Council of the International Union of Islamic Scholars
"What happened in Paris cannot be justified by Islam in any case; on the contrary, Islam strictly condemns such actions," emphasized Halilović.
Case of Halil Becirovic
Mr. Becirovic spent 35 months in a concentration camp in the small town of Vlasenica. During that time, together with many other Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), he was exposed to some of the most inhumane and horrific treatments.
Mirveta Mrkalj-Durben and Mirsad Duratovic sent letter to Chancellor Merkel and High Representative Inzko to advocate for a memorial for the lives of innocent civilians
Massacres and mass executions, systematic arrest and murder of members of the academic and political elite, and rape of Bosnian Muslim and Croatian women inside and outside of the rape camps - these were the headlines from Prijedor in 1992.
On behalf of more than 20,000 Canadian Bosnia’s, their organizations, and communities, CNAB and IGC congratulate Liberal Party of Canada Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, in the historic victory in elections.
Serbian war criminal
Ristanic, the former president of the wartime presidency of the municipality of Brcko, is suspected of having planned, ordered and abetted the persecution of the non-Serb population in Brcko, acting in collaboration with other members of the police and the military.
Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada Statement of Support for Electoral Candidates
Show your support for those candidates who condemn hate speech and genocide denial in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.
The Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB)
The Bosniak votes may prove significant enough to influence the Canadian political course for the betterment of our communities and of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Canadian elections are also an opportunity to support those representatives who share our vision of a multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, unified, democratic state of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an open, free and civil society.
Dozens of Palestinians were injured on Monday after Israeli security forces attacked Muslim worshipers inside occupied East Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, according to witnesses. "At least 170 Israeli special forces and police stormed the compound through Al-Magharabeh gate and started firing rubber bullets and stun grenades," Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib,
That Bosnia, of Kulin Ban’s, is unrecognizable today. It almost does not exist anymore. Bosnia could not have sunk any lower than in the modern era under William Jefferson Clinton. The Dayton Accords is a legally null-and-void document but there is no plan for annulment of same as there is no backbone to legally annul it.
Ago & Alaudin General Contractor Corp.
By Željko Milićević
Sep 03, 2015 02:20 PM
By Menachem Rosensaft
Jul 16, 2015 06:57 PM
By Željko Milićević
Jul 11, 2015 05:41 AM
By Dr. Mustafa Cerić, reisu-l-ulema emeritus IZ u BiH
Jul 09, 2015 05:37 PM
By Željko Milićević
Jun 07, 2015 01:18 PM
Alma Čizmić Clausen started the club to educate Bosnian and non-Bosnian children
“I bring up the beauty both before and after the war,” Clausen said. “I am trying to see what the children are most interested in. They want to learn more about their Bosnian friends … Where they come from and how they play. Because they are so young, they are asking all these questions.”

Senaid Ibrahimefendic, District Court President
Autor: BIRN
“The witnesses were sent back most probably because of procedural circumstances. Normally, it’s totally unnecessary to invite someone to testify several times. The court has to make sure the criminal proceedings are conducted in accordance with the Law on Criminal Proceedings,” Ibrahimefendic explained.